Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hang in there!

I didn't forget about my blog, I promise!! I will be in to update it soon. My daughter was hospitalized for the week after her appendix burst and right after that, we started moving the scrapbook store so I'm waaaayyyyyy busy. Will check in soon, I promise! Hope you all are getting your Christmas shopping done!
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Lynn said...

OMG Jeni I hope your daughter is doing alright! I'll say a little prayer that she heals quickly.

PS Can't wait to see the new store!
Take care.

Kailah said...

Hi Jeni! I don't know if you remember me or not but this is Kailah from ebay/The Paper Hen House. I saw something on sale at QVC that was titled Paper Runway. I thought about you, Googled 'Paper Runway' and found your blog. :-)

Just wanted to say hi! I hope all is well.

Most of the original girls are no longer in the Hen House but we are in our little group. Honest engine, when we started the group we talked about finding you to see if you wanted to join us. We still miss you!

I have a Gmail account if you want to email me back -

Miss you!

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