Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just another day in paradise...

Day 3 home from work - day 2 of Joshua and his stomach flu. I was able to work at home today and managed to rock out 6 layout kits in 24 hours! We're having a giant crop at work on Saturday and Bonnie and I are trying desperately to restock our kit wall with new designs. Go Team Scrapbox!

Did you ever see that movie Groundhog's Day? I feel like I'm living that movie. The same day over and over and over... not much changes except the scenery. I would love a little vacation with Tony. Love those kiddos, but Mama needs a break! I fear asking Tony for a weekend getaway in this season (even though our 11 year anniversary is only 2 weeks away) because he would want to take me up north snowmobiling. Ummmmmmm, let me think,... no. Why a man would want to go out in 20 below zero weather and drive in the open wind at 90 miles an hour is beyond me. Must be a guy thing. I do own my own snowmobile and it's all fancy and fast, but I just like to putz around on it and find myself screaming in terror when I hit 20 on the speedometer. So picture me all "AAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screech of brakes. Thumb on throttle, "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screech of brakes. Thumb on throttle - and repeat several more times until I finally call it a day and retire to the hot tub in the hotel. Yep, I'm a real bad ass. Can I swear on here? Sorry if I offend, but it totally fits this story.

Back to vacation getaways - I'm thinking maybe Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant for our anniversary. But then I think, nah, I might as well just walk into the resort, hand them my $500 gambling money and say thanks and drive back home cuz ya know I'm gonna lose it all in the slots. *sigh* I don't know - maybe we'll just stay in for the weekend.

Time to put dinner in the oven - another meal I won't eat - am I the only one who hates her own cooking? My mom could make the same dish and I'd be all "YUM! This is the best meal I've ever had!" Weird I know.

And here's your thought to ponder for the day: If you think your marriage should be your spouse putting in 50% and you putting in 50%, you'll be disappointed. Put in 100% and watch it reciprocate back to you. Now that's good lovin'!!

How was your day?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just when you think it can't get any worse...

Yeah, so my back is almost 100% better - can I get a hallelujah??!!! Unfortunately, the Jeni law states that once you have made it through one setback, another must follow... so there I was last night at 10pm at Beaumont Emergency with Joshua. Remember his upset belly from Friday? Since Friday, it manifested itself into a nasty stomach flu virus. The ER room looked like something from a TV series. It was sooooo full of sick people hacking their guts out, vomiting in the halls, nurses and doctors running amuck. *sigh* Another day off of work. So help me God, if this virus decides to take up residence in my other kids or husband (or *gulp*, ME), I'm gonna throw a tantrum. That's right, I'm gonna lay down on the floor and scream at the top of my lungs. I'm gonna flail my arms and legs and hold my breath. Seriously people, when does the curse of sickness end??? AND FOR THE LOVE OF MARY, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GO GET ME SOME GROCERIES!!!!

Ok, rant over. Time to conjur some positive energy. Perhaps I can find some creativity within me today to make something. I am DYING to make one of those web books that the girls at Stamp Camp made and my printer keeps telling me it wants some more black ink. I asked my printer if it had $50 I could borrow for that black ink... my printer shut itself off permanently. Pffft.

I'm going to try to post a layout later today. For some reason, it's not letting me post pics this morning. So check back later if you want to view my "Tiny Dancer" ballet layout.

I hope you all are having a better day than I am today!

Thought to Ponder: The famous quote says "Live each day as if it were your last". Does that mean that I can skip the laundry, housework, and grocery shopping and go scrap all day???


Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm back from Couchville

Hi Friends!
I've been laid up on the couch for 2 days with a pinched nerve in my back - sooooo NOT fun. Went to a chiropractor today and he really helped. I just wish these stoner pills the first doctor gave me would wear off - I feel like I'm in la-la land and cannot be responsible for anything I say in this post - LOL!

Obviously, being on the couch, I didn't do any creating of any kind, but I did have lots of time to be by myself and think and here's what I came up with for thoughts to ponder given my recent back trouble:

1) Never pass up an opportunity to shave your legs - you never know when your back might go out and you gotta show your legs during xrays - yep, my chiro did not think that 2 inch long winter growth was at all appealing. eeeewwwwww.

2) Never be lazy and say "Oh, I'll just take a shower later tonight" cuz then when your back goes out, someone will have to get close enough to you to take your temp, or your blood pressure and I'm pretty certain they will smell your 2 day old nasty hair.

3) Do not EVER agree to anything if you are on muscle relaxers. You may wake up sober the next morning only to find that you've just signed up to chaperone 150 first graders on their next field trip. Phew! Lucky for me I only sleep when on muscle relaxers - I'd rather poke myself in the eye with my paper piercer than chaperone 150 six year olds.

4) And lastly, be happy for your health today - you really don't appreciate it until it's gone.

And how was your day?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

See what I mean??

After my little pity party yesterday, I decided to turn my frown upside down and generate some positive energy - guess what happened?? My Big Bite (man is that a stupid name!) crop-a-dile came in the mail, AND I totally found inspiration in the Stampin' up catalog. I'm making CD covers for photo CD's January through December. I'll list them on Ebay when they are complete. Will post here too.

Thanks for all the nice comments you guys - you're so sweet.

I know this is supposed to be mainly a scrappin' blog and I haven't shown any pics lately - but just so you know, I'm a rule breaker. I got a story to tell y'know!! LOL! So for all of you who like to follow the rules, I included a pic of my latest Ebay venture. My dinosaurs layout. It did not sell and I was a little bummed cuz I think this layout is so stinkin' cute. The Karen Foster papers I hooked up at Flower Factory - stickers too - and I pazzled the title at work.

Speaking of paper, have any of you seen that new nursery line at Joann's?? So so so cute. My friend Bonnie is going to be creating with it soon, and I can't wait to see the finished masterpiece!

So today is Saturday, and I gotta figure out what to do with the kiddos. I'm wondering what kind of bribe I could offer them to get them to go to Archiver's with me. And then when they start whining and complaining I say :

So funny!

Thought to ponder for today: I read this over on Lisa Bearnson's blog and I think this is just one of the best things I've read in a long time ~

When life gets so hard that you can't stand, kneel.

Enough said.

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, January 25, 2008

You're Invited to a Pity Party!

Yep, today I'm hosting a pity party for myself. I just had a crappy week and would like a do-over!! I can't really pinpoint the trouble, just lots of poop all in a 7 day span. So pull up a chair, get out your noisemakers, put on your pity party hat and raise your glass to the guest of honor. Cheers Jeni!

And just like that, I'm over it. Tomorrow's a new day, a better day, a second chance at whatever it is you wish.

Let's talk scrappin'! I met some new friends at the little get together on Wednesday night (remember, the one Bonnie invited me to?). What a great group of ladies! Lynn (the hostess) designed some absolutely fabu cards and a cutie little Valentine treat box for us to make. This girl totally rocks the stampin' scene!! I've never stamped before - and I think they are all secretly plotting against me to get me hooked (yeah, I see you smirking over there Dawn!) Lynn sells Stampin' up! and Bonnie decided to let me borrow her catalog yesterday. My wish list is gigantic. What to buy, What to buy?? I'm waiting for my Big Bite crop-a-dile to get here. I ordered it from HSN and I can't even stand the anticipation!!

I had to leave work (Little Scrapbox, world's best scrapbook store in Michigan) early today to pick Josh up from school. Seems he has yet another stomach ache. This kid has been complaining for a few days now. I think it's time to make him a doctor appointment. So here I am, stuck at home, in my scrap room trying to be all creative and I got nothin'. I think I have scrappers block. Sure could use some inspiration - and so here I go back to look through the Stampin' up catalog...

Thought to ponder for today: The law of attraction proves that what kinds of feelings and emotions you put out into the world come right back to you and manifest into something even larger. Today, try to put out smiles and positive thinking - you never know what might come back at you!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Waiting for my wet nails to dry...

I already did a post here today, but I have wet nails, cheesy potatoes and ham in the oven, my house is somewhat in order, and I have 20 minutes before the kiddos get off the bus so I thought I'd jot down some random thoughts.

I'm going with Bonnie tonight to a scrapbook get together. She does them all the time with her stamping sistas. I've never had friends in this biz. That's why I was so happy to have instantly hit it off with Bonnie (who is a fabulous designer BTW!). It's so nice to have someone who shares your passion for this addictive craft. Anyways, I am totally looking forward to tonight!

I was supposed to get some ebay auctions ready today and I played hookie all day. I watched a couple episodes of Scrubs (my all time fave) and ate 2 - yep, that's 2 - chicken salad sandwiches which were absolutely delish! I fought with myself most of the day as to whether or not to get a manicure. I decided just to put a coat of clear on myself and save the $24. Plus, it's never good when your beautiful dark mocha color comes shooting off onto some fresh white cardstock. LOL!

Here's my thought to ponder for today: When it appears that someone is happier, healthier, more successful more whatever than you, look again and then count your own blessings twice.


Tearing my heart out!

Here's my latest tear critter creations. I am in desperate need of a title for the little bear on the swing - he also needs lots more embellies before he's finished. The panda will be going on a layout titled "My Heart Belongs to You" featuring the latest papers by K & Co. called "Smitten". The lion will be on a future layout if he gains the approval of my fellow designers. (That's you Bonnie!) Hope you like!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sweet!!! My images work!!

I totally heart when I can make HTML work - it makes me feel like a genius cuz that stuff is hard to manipulate sometimes.


Testing some HTML

I'm gonna try this HTML thing, so if a bunch of garbage appears below, just ignore it!

Do you blog?

I figured I probably should start. I have no clue how this works, who sees it? What to write? But, I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm up early this Sunday, (7:30) and was all excited to grab a hot cup of coffee and surf the net in peace. No go. Josh (my youngest at 6) was up the second he heard the kitchen faucet. He's just like me when I was little. I always thought I'd miss something if I stayed in bed. So now the whole family is starting to stir, and I realize that we just might be able to make an earlier mass today. Noon mass makes the day go so fast. I'm going to my Mom's today to finish up those ladybug baby shower invites - which I am so glad to be done with. When will I learn my lesson? Next baby/wedding shower, I'm bringing the pasta salad instead!

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