Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all enjoy your little Goblins today and although it might seem chaotic with all costumes and treat sorting let's stop and enjoy it because soon they will be gone with their own kiddos and we'll be so sad. I made sure to take extra photos this Halloween. I think in some way it helps me feel better about the rest of the year that I forgot to photograph. I'm looking forward to creating some great layouts with the pics I got. Until then...

These photos were from last February when we took the kids to Motocross at The Palace. I did not get very good photos but found a way to work with what I had. I just love blue and orange together. I even made a little pouch for the tickets!
Everything on this layout is cardstock. I'm not sure who made the dirtbike paper but we still have some for sale at Little Scrapbox. I chose to omit embellies and instead used souveniers from the show! Clever, aren't I? LOL!
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