Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Josh Barg - Superstar!

Here's a layout I did recently to showcase all those awesome photos I took from Josh's first season playing Flag Football. I love how the photos turned out. Each one reminds me of just how sporty this kid is. I started wondering why I have so many opportunities to create great sport layouts of this kid, but absolutely none from my other two. Then, it dawned on me. I have 3 entirely unique little humans here in my home. This wonderful opportunity to dabble in each of their very different worlds. I mean, think about it... if they were all alike and I was shuffeling them all from one sport to the next would it be as interesting?

I consider myself very eclectic in my tastes of all things. I love all kinds of music from country to heavy metal, to top 40 - I love a huge variety of goodness on my plate at dinner - I like to try my hand at all artsy mediums - I like for the rooms in my home to be 100% different from the next. I like LOTS of things - I guess in a word - variety. So it is no surprise to me that God blessed me with a variety of little personalities - he knows me best after all. As a scrapbooker, this makes me equally as happy because I can purchase supplies from every theme!! Lucky me!


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