Thursday, October 30, 2008

To bully or not to bully...

As I wrote yesterday's post, I was filled with happiness over times right now. It is so difficult in this rapidly declining economy to be positive. I absolutely refuse to give in the sheer panic around me. I continue to count my blessings every day and make sure I give a shout out to the big man upstairs for providing me with such a comfortable life. As I sat here typing, filled with bliss, my son walked in from school with a big bruise on his chin. Long story short, he was again a victim of a bully at school. This is the first time that he has come home with actual physical marks. It's usually just pushing and shoving, and harsh words. My bliss instantly faded. As a Mom, my first instinct was to run up to the school screaming and yelling at the first person of authority that I saw. My son insisted I let it go. His fear if he told: more bruising. I gotta tell ya - I'm fed up to my eyeballs with these kids that continue to bully. I am so very sad for them. Sad because they do not have parents that instill good values. Parents that probably don't give a rat's behind about what they are doing and who they are doing it with. Today's world is so hard on our younger population. They are faced with things you and I never had to see. It makes it even harder when they have to look over their shoulders for attackers at all times of the day. So today, I write with a heavy heart. I hate this part of motherhood - you know, the part where your protective gear comes out and you will show no mercy to those who hurt your babies. Then there's the fine balance - he's not a baby anymore. He needs to learn humility and self protection to prepare him for this cruel world. I can't be jumping out from behind desks when he's 42 sitting in a staff meeting to fend off the folks who disagree with him, now can I?

Thanks for listening...

Here's today's layout. Still trying to finish up that Hawaii book. As you can see, the layouts get more simple - I'm sooooooo over tropical layouts.

Supplies: Striped patterned paper and shell stickers (K & Co), Glitter paper (DCWV), Sand patterned paper (unknown from JoAnn's), Title (Doodlebug stickers)

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Dawn Marie said...

AWW! I am so sorry your son has to go thru this and you, too!
I love your page!
BTW- blurfing is blog surfing!

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